• A firm with 10+ years experience
  • A free no-obligation discussion about your business requirements
  • Fees are agreed upon in advance
  • Personal account manager
  • No hidden costs or fees 
  • Compliant on-boarding procedures
  • Technical  and Professional expertise in understanding our clients assignments and matching them with the right resource
  • 1 all inclusive hourly rate for the resources  you need. 
  • All federal/state tax witholdings are handled by us.
  • Equal opportunity compliant vendor
  • Existing Business and Workers Comp insurance.

Locations (Marlton NJ, Elmira NY)
Our locations in Marlton NJ is conveneintly located for easy access of clientele and potential employees interested in doing business with CAC.  

Our Headquarters in Elmira NY has been established for over 10 years and has served as the initial meeting place for the expansion of our services


Choosing the right Agency

With so many choices to work with, employers seek a company with a proven track record of performance, and employees seek a company who won't just look at them as another number.  

CAC recognizes the need for flexible  employee options to be cost-effective and of good quality.  

CAC takes the time to understand the need of our clientele, what they need assistance on, how long they need this assistance.  We use this approach to send only top resources not an overload of applicants so that our clients have more time to get their work done and our employees have more time helping them achieve their goals.    

Who we are




Training Locations (Marlton NJ, Elmira NY)

Our training and meeting rooms are spacious and equipped for cliente meetings, orientation, on-boarding or safety training for new employees.  

CAC is a unique services provider that specializes in supplying technical IT for organizations that seek resources with various skills.   

CAC is dedicated to you and all your different needs. We've been a serving the private sector as a national and international tier 1 supplier.  In addition we have won the New York State Business Excellence award.  But more importantly we strive to win the trust and loyalty of our clients.